This is a new service created by Pacific Surf School for surfers who are looking to improve their skills.

 Surf coach pro will deliver a complete training program for competitors of all levels and for free surfers as well. You will have access to the same technical and physical training that a professional surfer receives. The benefits of this program will cover many fields such as the surfer's physical endurance and his or her skills.

We provide the methodology developed by Neco Padaratz, a former professional surfer, multiple event winner at WSL (world surf league), and 2x WQS World Champion.

Your surf performance will be challenged, discussed and corrected so that you will maximize your surfing level. we want you to Improve your techniques in all surf conditions.  

Here are the 4 different levels :

Level 1

Learn about ocean knowledge, positioning in the line up, correct stance on the board and knowing the right direction of  your wave in order to ride seamlessly.

Level 2

Learn how to properly function rail work, take control of your board on a wave, projection, speed, pumping, turns and cutbacks.

Level 3

Learn how to make a powerful and committed maneuver in the critical part of the wave, with progressive and dynamic surfing.

Level 4

Learn about the criteria for judging a wave, the maneuvers you make will score the most points in a contest. It starts with strategy, confidence and competitiveness.

Within these levels we have developed a specific surf training program with the aim of increasing physical strength and flexibility of the student. It is very important for the surfer to develop proper techniques in and out of the water;  this will also help to prevent injuries.


  • Arms and shoulders (aggressive paddling)
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Projection
  • Rail work
  • Momentum for turns
  • Competition strategies
  • Wave positioning
  • Wave priority rules
  • Strategic wave selection
  • Advanced surfing performance
  • Correct equipment