NECO PADARATZ 2x WQS world champion

Neco Padaratz was one of the best Brazilian surfers in the world for decades. An idol in Brazil and among surf crowds, he was involved in competitive professional surfing for more than 15 years with some of the world's most elite surfers. He has consecutively won for 2 years the World Qualifying Series Championship tour.

He was the first ever Brazilian to win one of the most famous World Tour events,  held in Huntington Beach, Ca . He was also crowned champion of the WCT in France by defeating his competitor, legend Andy Irons.

Neco Padaratz developed a surf improvement methodology program 4 years ago, in order to deliver a complete training program for competitors of all levels and free surfers.  He has put this one-of-a-kind surf coach program together from all the experience he has learned from technical knowledge of surfing, maneuvers, and fundamentals of competition.

Competition Wins


WQS - Coca Cola Pro (Saquarema RJ - Brazil)


WQS - Vodafone Surfest Open Billabong (Newcastle, Australia)


WQS - Salomon Masters (Margaret River - Aus)


WQS - The Mr Price Pro (Durban - South Africa)

WQS - Hang Loose Pro Contest (Fernando de Noronha - Brazil)


WCT - Quiksilver Pro (Hossegor - France)


WQS - Ceará Pro (Icaraí - Brazil)

WQS - Maresia Surf Floripa (Praia Mole - Florianopolis - Brazil)

WCT - Gotcha Pro (Huntington Beach - California - United States)


WQS - Reef Classic Brazil (Praia da Joaquina - Florianopolis - Brazil)


WQS - Town and Country Pro (Itamambuca - Brazil)


WQS - Nescau Surf Energy (Praia da Joaquina - Florianopolis - Brazil)